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Also Bennu is the Egyptian god of rebirth and resurrection. Bennu was highlighted in an article about the upcoming asteroid awareness day on June 30th. As bennu is also the asteroid that nasa chose too take samples from. Asteroid awareness day is based on the Tunguska event when an asteroid exploded in the atmosphere above Russia. A year after all this initial research and dot connection I had that whimsical idea to check the distance from the Whitehouse to the impact zone.

And the number directly referenced Sept 11th like most people was a big awakening for me. Wow so you can see the levels and depth at play here. And the referencing back to previous moments of synchronicity. Which causes a snowball effect feedback loop that builds on itself fractally. Let me explain. So right after I check google earth and found that link I experienced a surge of emotional energy.

A type of nervous excitement, so I went outside for my break. I almost always juggle on my break to wind down a bit. So I turned on google played and played a popular EDM channel. The song that played was Harder, better, faster, stronger. After just that one song I felt drained and sat down and pulled up the internet on my phone.

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So a random song played after I saw And just under this as if to be the punchline of some cosmic comedy. This day was even more amplified as it was on and when I came in that day I stood in front of the clockin station for like 5 mins because I could NOT for the life of me remember my clock in number. I started sweating and getting nervous and then I thought today is my clock in number cant be that or I would have realized it. I then clocked in. I came into the office and proclaimed it as my day. It may seem like alot and It is.

Autogenesreloaded posted about dreams and other similar things I had been experiencing or researching. I replied about lucidity and dreams and other forces of nature. Right after posting that I read this post I saw another post about Birds being messengers of synchronicity.

I replied to his post with Wow seeing Lucidity in bold after just replying to another of your posts specifically detailing lucidity. I know exactly what you are talking about the birds that get right in the center of your vision. A month or so ago, i asked for a sign from the universe. The next day i am sitting outside looking out into the woods in my backyard and i notice a crow flys right into the center of my vision. I look away a bit and think a little more and the crow flys back into the center of my vision.

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  • So that is when im like OK lets test this, i looked much further away than previously, waited and the crow flew right into sight once again. This went on for 7 times until i decided to stop testing it. The next day im sitting outside in the same chair and Another crow comes into my center of focus. He has a stick in his mouth like a dog. Ive seen the crows and heard daily and they are an uplifting sight for some reason. As a big sync i am a big follower of The Daily Crow, a blog about numbers, date counts and biblical metaphors playing out on the worlds stage. Give this a look.

    Heron Symbolism

    I posted this at work last week. I then drove home and experienced this I tried adding to my post last night but my phone was going nuts and died In the middle of writing it out. I had one the most "in your face sync experiences last night. I wrote my previous post at work. And when i got home around midnight their was a bird in my garage.

    I entered the garage and he freaked out flying around my head in circles. I had to duck down for fear of him hitting me and getting hurt.

    blue herons | WISDOM OF THE AGES

    After about 7 or 8 cycles around my head he landed in some sting lights we have draped across the ceiling. He paused cocked his head looking at me intently. It very rare I make eye contact with a wild bird but we locked gazes for a long instant. He then trilled a beautiful tweet and flew out of the garage. I stood there stunned for a couple moments and went inside to tell my wife about the post to you about birds being messengers. And about the bird in the garage.

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    I then went outside to do my nightly juggling practice. I use Google play and choose a new channel each time and in the past I've had startling synchronicitys between life and reality and the names and themes of the songs that randomly are arranged each time you choose a playlist. For instance on the day I learned about the froot loops flip flop I stopped on a song that had a picture of froot loops as the album cover.

    The first song was named "goddess" and I was out juggling under the full moon. Which after reflection I remembered that the moon represents the feminine force. The last song to play was titled "genesis" and I thought to myself that's been a popular thing in my syncs but it doesn't quite apply here. Then I "rememberered" your name autogenesisreloaded I had missremebered your handle which isn't a Mandela effect but rather a missreading and filing away of your name in my memory. As I was attempting to write my reply last night my wife came outside and her phone was playing music in her pocket and the song was " fly hummingbird".

    It's funny you mentioned a red bird. When I was researching the occult I dabbled in chaos magik and my first sigil was made to be " I will see a red bird". I chose something simple and probable as chaos magik doesn't just make things happen. It increases the natural probability of the event occurring. You want to choose an initial spell that has a high chance of occurring naturally.

    Then once the thing you wrote down happens then you meditate and convince yourself it was your will that achieved the effect on reality. For me it didn't take alot of convincing. The key with sigils is charging them and then forgetting the command. Once the memory of it has faded and doesn't pop back into the mind then the subconscious picks it up and But in my personal experiences it has proven it's efficacy. After I wrote the sigil I went to work the next day and as I went outside there was a cardinal sitting on the fountain in front of the garage.

    The forgetting of the sigil must have worked because I didn't register seeing the bird as anything significant. I then walked out to the car and saw another cardinal on the front yard fountain. And that was when i remembered oh yeah I did this. Hello bird. So I drove to work And on my way I was almost hit by a "birds eye" vegatble truck. With bird written in red. So i saw two red birds on fountains and a red bird as the word on a truck that nearly hit me.

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    And today I was outside juggling and all of a sudden 2 male cardinals start fighting on the ground in front of me. I freeze watching them tussle on pavement until they froze realizing I was there. Another long pause and they both fly off onto the woods. So i had 2 odd experiences with birds back to back right after writing about previous synchronicitys with birds. Im outside writing this and hear crows and cardinals cawwing and tweeting away.

    End post…. So it continues…. The day after I posted my second reply to Autogenesreloaded I had a continuation of bird experiences that rolled it all up so nicely.

    I was juggling yet again and looked up in the sky and noticed the moon chilling again in the daytime. He came over the yard and the 2 crows that made a nest by the house got a little uppity and flew over to pester the Heron. They flew over cawing their distaste at the big birds presence and attempted to strike the heron. The heron then let out a gurgled moan. It was a startling and weird sound. I thought wow to be so involved with talking about synchronicity and birds and then having a direct reference to the first synchronicity via the heron was incredible.

    Later that night My wife and I were supposed to visit our agent to meet down by the river to do a video shoot for us fire spinning. So we are down at the river filming and my wife lights up her hula hoop and is being filmed spinning while I spot.

    The elegant design of herons

    Haste breeds the short-lived and transient, while patience provides room for enduring gifts. Just like the egret waiting in stillness by the water, there is beauty in the quiet space we grant for patience in our lives. It is a calm sense of hope that those things that feed our body and soul will come in due time — well-worth the wait. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

    The Wisdom of Trees